Leisha’s Bakeria

I fell in love with a… BAKERY! I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with sweets, the very thing you try to stay away from but just can’t. Don’t worry, we are in this together. My very own local bakery in downtown Bridgeport where I actually became a regular (I’ve always wanted to say that). The best part is, it’s located 2.5 minutes from my apartment that I can literally skip to, it is so awesome. I am so excited for this because it’s so much more than pretty cakes and calories.

Leisha is the owner of this gem and is the one throwing down in the kitchen. She’s become a dear friend, plus she’s a Yankees fan! Her little place is filled with love and you will feel it as soon as you walk in. Not only does she serve breakfast and lunch, she caters for any event you have in mind and she rents out her space if you feel like having a sweet birthday party! She also makes things like cheesecake cupcakes and meatloaf muffins (crazy right, I know)! I mean the menu is just out of this world and I really love how FUN some of her recipes are.

It’s called Leisha’s Bakeria, located on the corner of Fairfield Avenue. You can sit and enjoy a delicious cup of cinnamon coffee on their couch while playing chess or you can sit outside and read a book on a summer day! So far I ordered a cake for a baby shower very last minute and they came through without a problem (thanks so much girl) and I’ve also tried every wrap on the menu which my favorite just so happens to be a Huevos Rancheros wrap. Her homemade quiche, chicken pot pies and daily soups are a big hit. Plus her ready to go salads are so yummy you wouldn’t mind eating them every day. Please stop by this awesome treasure, you will be well taken care of, and by that I mean your belly will love you.

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