Barnum Publick House

1020 Broad Street, Bridgeport, CT

Come One, Come All!

You can almost hear the blustery voice of Bridgeport’s biggest claim to fame, P.T. Barnum. And now that the Barnum & Bailey Circus has lowered its last tent, the Barnum Publick House may be the closest we’ll ever get to the “Greatest Showman on Earth.”  The Publick House is a great fun, too, from its catchy circus wall art to its Buffalo Barnum Bites — my favorites. Other comfort food grabbers include: Publick fries, Park City sliders, and their short rib nachos with homemade potato chips. And for kids, they have the World’s Smallest Menu.


Downtown Bridgeport has been my home for years and I love the neighborhood restaurants, the people I’ve met and the potential that has come to this city. The Publick House has a special appeal to locals. As it says on its website, “We love our locals and they will love you – whether it’s the magical, mystical, extraordinarily and extravagant “Happiest Hour,” Karaoke Tuesday, and the Bottomless Saturday and Sunday brunch.” It’s a comfortable environment with zero pretension, a place where you can eat like no one is watching. Join the locals some night. P.T. Barnum guarantees a great show.

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