Harborview Market

218 Harborview Ave. Bridgeport, CT

What started as a Swedish goods market dating back to the late 19th century has turned into a vital part of Black Rock, a social networking bonanza with really good food. From its original grocery store and butcher shop, Harborview evolved in the early 1990s to a popular breakfast and lunch eatery. Tucked away in a congested Black Rock neighborhood, you hardly know the place is there until it’s in front of your face. A large outdoor patio deck makes finding the place much easier in the spring and summer months.

The expansive setting offers cozy dining tables for two, three or four and large tables that lend themselves to business lunches or private parties. There’s even a cute stage for musicians to entertain. Their menu is so freaking clever – like the Beach, the Kathy and the Son of a Beach breakfast sandwiches, the Harborview Hot Cakes, the Belgium Waffles and the Paisan and Irish omelets.  For lunch there are plenty of sandwich and wrap choices, including the Mikey T, Sergeant Pepper and Ratzen Burger.

My personal favorites are the buttery croissants right out the oven and the Beach which is a bacon egg and cheese basically on a Portuguese roll with avocado and hot sauce, which is not basic at all.

One caution – there’s no parking lot and street parking can be painful. Get there early on weekends if you’re meeting up. Better, take one car.


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