Star of Istanbul


29 Markle Ct, Bridgeport, CT

I have a new friend, Eddie. He’s the owner of Star of Istanbul in downtown Bridgeport. When I stepped into his place for the first time, it was love at first sight. I had the most amazing food at this little Turkish gem. And thanks to Eddie, I also had the pleasure of checking out the kitchen while he showed me how Turkish coffee is made. That was such fun, but the best part of my day was feasting on a freshly baked platter of Baklava (sheets of fillo dough). The combination of Turkish coffee and Baklava drizzled in pistachio syrup made my day. Such a yummy dessert! I also had a Falafel sandwich (chickpea patty) soooooo gooood — definitely a must try! And you’ll love their colorful menu, including an array of photos providing a mini-tour of Turkey.


It’s not only the food that makes this place an unexpected treasure. For special events, Istanbul features a belly dancer who circles a pole in the middle of the dining room – very cool!  And while you’re there, catch an eyeful of the amazing wall mural display of the historic city of Istanbul. I was so humbled by this experience. Eddie is an elderly man putting countless hours into his restaurant while doing all the cooking himself – a wide, creative variety of freshly prepared meals. I’m so grateful to have met such a kind man. Eddie’s a great example of why hard work never ends for restauranteurs who believe in what they do – and love every minute.

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